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"It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark...."

--Howard Ruff

Dream, Plan, Then......Check out these TRAVEL WARNING sites. 

For your convenience, we put them ALL in one place-one might surprise you.
Updated 2020

Travel Warnings, Travel Alerts or Advisories, What's The Difference?

Travel advisories  are released for different reasons, they may include a natural disasters that might have a long term effect on travel, political turmoil, crime or health emergencies. They are basically "notices" that are related to health, safety and travel. It is up to you to decide whether stay or go.

Travel alerts  are usually temporary issues such as demonstrations or natural disasters.

Travel warnings  are issued when the government feels that there could be a risk in traveling to that particular destination, such as a terrorism concern; high crime; civil unrest; disease or hurricanes.

If you decide to travel regardless of the type of notice, this FREE program will notify you when you are at home, or away so you can make informed decisions about your travel destination, here is the link to the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program - HERE


>>The US State Department, the BEST for travel advisories, Click here: US STATE DEPT.

>>If you prefer RSS FEEDS for the U.S. State Department, use this link RSS FEEDS

>>Another great resource for reliable information about various countries (actually, every country) is the CIA's World Factbook. Another searchable database compiled by the US Central Intelligence Agency.
Complete with maps, political synopses, economic statistics, demographic data, and a number of other data sets. Great site for anyone traveling internationally, would you have thought of this one??! GET CIA DATA

>>Traveling to Canada? Head HERE for warnings and advisories.

>>Health information by country and information by health risk, this is a GREAT SITE from the International Association For Medical Assistance To Travelers.  

>>Worried about ZIKA? Find all the information you need, also from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, HERE .

>>If you are traveling or moving with your 4-legged babies~ cat or dog, The Center for Disease Control is not only the authority on prevention and health concerns-worldwide, it has an impressive amount of information regarding pet travel domestic and internationally. 
For the home page of the CDC, go HERE . To get to the pet section, use this link. Pet Travel

A Personal Note:  
Although we need "travel awareness" these days more than ever, it will probably take blatant warnings and health risks for us to stop traveling, however we ALWAYS follow vaccination advice.

We also try to get in touch with fellow travelers you have just left the area. There are all kinds of forums from Trip Advisor to Thorne Tree (Lonely Planet).

If we had looked at the Travel Warning sites before we traveled to Honduras, we might not have went and it was a Fantastic Trip!! 
​If you like, read about it here: HONDURAS

Remember To Check The Travel Links Above Before You Go ! 

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