Travel Gift Ideas

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Packing Must-haves

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes — Like to be organized? Then you HAVE to start using packing cubes. They come in multiple sizes, and usually fit together, puzzle-like, in any size bag. I use anywhere from 3-5 when I pack: one for shirts, one for shorts, one for skirts, etc.


Hoboroll — I love my packing cubes, but sometimes you need something with even more compartments for things like socks and underwear. I use a Hoboroll by Gobi Gear for all these miscellaneous items. It's divided up into 6 compartments and has compression straps so that you can shrink it down.

Toiletry Kit

Toiletry kit — Yes, I love anything that helps me organize a bag better – and that includes a good toiletry kit! If you're just taking the essentials (i.e. travel-sized toiletries instead of the big stuff), then this kit is perfect. It organizes your things nicely, and lays relatively flat in a suitcase or backpack.


Pacsafe Sling-safe

Pacsafe Slingsafe — This little backpack really packs a punch. With anti-theft features like slash-proof material and secure zippers, this bag is perfect to carry around just about any city. It even fits a tablet, iPad, or 11-inch Macbook Air. It's a bit small to use as a carry-on if you have a bigger laptop or more electronics, but it's great to use as a secure daypack.

STM Drifter

STM Drifter — The STM Drifter was my go-to carry-on backpack for quite a while. This bag is pretty amazing. The Drifter is slim and will easily fit under any airplane seat. It also has “floating” pockets for laptops and tablets, giving your devices a little extra padding. Lastly, the bag has a ridiculous amount of pockets, which is a must-have for any organizational freak.

Pacsafe Camsafe V17

Pacsafe Camsafe V17 — Now that I'm traveling with a lot more camera equipment, I've shifted over to taking a camera-focused bag as my main carry-on. Like the Slingsafe, this bag has anti-theft features like slash-proof material and secure zippers. It also has a separate compartment with dividers made for camera gear, which is perfect for photographers. (There's also a larger version of this bag here.)

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