Travel Accessories 

We like it light, smart, comfy and safe.
If we see something new and great we will pass it on, 
otherwise check out what we use now. 


Where has this been all my life! No more rubber bands and clips!


We use our headlight for camping; walking; running and road trips!


Love road trips but hate the pain? Try this Foam Seat Cushion! Use at home too.


Wish had bought this sooner! We were taking separate kits on our travels, now this Organizer is big enough for two!


My favorite brand-they worked for me, even on the long trip to Thailand. Great designs and colors! 


Mixed reviews on this Power Bank, but worked for us. Hope you get one, they are a lifesaver!


Great mat for the beach. Dogs love it too! Large enough for two people.


This tool goes everywhere our car does, and we have used it over and over.


We take travel utensils on every trip, short or long. Great for picnics, carry-out and left overs!

Exercise bands

This is one item that we will be buying for our move to Ecuador. Highly recommended.


Just used in Thailand on a kayak trip, worked GREAT!


My new camera! Love it! Light weight; image stabilization and great photos!


We love these! Works great and fits right into my travel clothesline bag.


Our new expensive toy for 2018!! Highly recommended. Looking forward to some great shots!


Lightweight and comes with a handy bag. The best part is the adjustable pins. My Woolite travel laundry fits right in the bag. 


Okay, I wasn’t convinced until I received as a gift! Packing cubes have organized my travel bags like NO other item.


Have read our Road Trip Post? We like to make our own kits, but if you want to buy, I would buy this one.


If you have a big family or just BIG trips, you might like this larger version.


We have worn Keen for years, in fact, we have worn the same Keen shoes for years!


My feet on not great, a bit of a bunion problem, so Keen have ALWAYS been in my suitcase.


We are now hooked on driving gloves! Love the grip on the wheel and its great Sun protection too! Great Gift!

female driving gloves

I was first drawn to the look of these gloves. Love having the Sun Protection too. Great Gift!


We have worn Outdoor Research Hats for over 20 years! Packable and great for rain and sun protection.


One of our friends has this kit and keeps it in his car.  We were really impressed with the tools, organization, and protective case.


We now carry these on every trip. I had a bought of travel sickness in Cuba, so we added them to our first aid kit. 


If you are heading to areas where food handling or water is not good, these tablets might help, we took them in Thailand. We enjoyed all kinds of food & didn’t get sick. We ran into other tourists who did get sick. You never know, we didn’t want to take a chance.


We use these at home and for travel. Flying dehydrates your entire body, my eyes get very dry. We love these drops.


So, I used to wrap up my toothbrush and carry with my on the plane, no more! These are great, love the size-perfect!


My mom turned me onto these! If you can’t brush for a while—these are perfect for travel, picnics and hiking!


I love mine! It has stuck on my Android for 3 years with constant use! Once you try it, you’ll never go back to simply gripping your phone.


Anti-theft technology. This was the main reason for my purchase. I have the red one, check out the other colors and all the features for this great bag!


Another one of my Pacsafe Anti-theft bags. This one fits under the sit while flying. Read about the features on the listing page, I love mine!


I saw one of these at a picnic and had to have it! If you don’t drink wine, any beverage will work. it’s great for fruit too!


These work great and you can see by the reviews, others love them too. We bought two pink ones, to help with luggage identification.


This is the one we use! 4 USB ports and has worked great in every country so far!


We believe most pet items should be selected by their owners, every dog is different, however in this case, we highly recommend this item for summer and winter for paw protection.

redwing bag

Durable! We love this bag--and we will soon steal it from our friend. He raves about it. Tons of pockets and super comfy! 

Venture Pack

Great DAY PACK! Pack it inside your pack or take it to the trail! Fold up! Different colors. 


Looking for a comfy, rugged, all round camping/hiking bag-this is it! So many straps to carry more bags or a small tent! 

JBL speaker

We bought this for our move to Ecuador! 
Love it!!! This portable speaker is wireless, waterproof and weighs 1.14 pounds. Yes! 

luggage tag

Leather luggage Tags that we love! Functional and Classy--Oh yeah and they stay on! 


GREAT IF YOU SWEAT! This headband is great in heat, humidity--I'm talking Jungle Sweat. Dries fast too! 


Oh man, after our trip to Costa Rica, we bought water shoes! These are great ones! Roll up and quick dry. 

pig nose

We gotta have fun when we travel, SO these go with us on road trips! Makes us smile, other traveler's smile and kids love them too!  

national geographic kids

Looking for a educational book your kids will LOVE, this is it! Fun facts, Trivia, Lovely Photography. Join in on the fun! 


We love Ponchos! This is our brand and they go everywhere with us. Great little travel bag too!

Money Belt

  This belt goes on every trip. No reason to take chances. Works great!

Waterproof Compass

      We used to get lost--A lot! So the compass            goes everywhere with us. We especially like          this one because of the durability and case. 

Travel Pillow with Hood

This is one I use and LOVE. I need it dark AND the flight attendants don't bother you! 
Just pull the hood over and lights out! 

Hotel slippers

The first we visited a hotel that gave us slippers to wear in the room, we were hooked! Now, we have our own. Lightweight and they go with us wherever we land!  

Collapsible dog bowl.

As we mentioned above, we feel most pet items should be selected by their pet owners, but we do recommend these bowls for travel. Great for picnics, parks and hiking.  This company also makes the bowls for small dogs also.