Hiking Gear! Here's Our List!
After hiking in Colorado for 23 years, we know what's great and what's not! Below is our favorite items for long and short day hikes! Grab Your Favorite Water Bottle And Let's Go!

Hiking Accessories


We use our headlight for camping; walking; running and we take on all road trips!


This tool goes everywhere our backpack and car goes, and we have used it over and over.


We take travel utensils on every trip, short or long. Great for hiking, picnics, carry-out !

Ecoopro backpack

Lightweight is what we LOVE! Great for hiking and packing in your suitcase for later. 

North Face Womens Backpack

We love North Face for clothes and gear. In fact, my bag is old and no longer for sale, but it still holds up! This one is similar and there are a lot to choose from. 

Face Neck Ear Warmer

My ears always get chilly in the mountains, Love multi-use travel items! Check out all the ways you can use this garment, just click below. 

Small Hiking First Aid Kit

It's all about keeping it light for hiking.  Perfect for a day hike and there is room enough to stick in other products you love! 

Waterproof Compass

We used to get lost--A lot! So the compass   goes everywhere with us. We especially like this one because of the durability and case. 


If you have read any of our outdoor travel posts, you probably have seen us in Outdoor Research Hats. They last! Great for sun and rain protection. 


Depending on your trek, you might need waterproof bags. We love Earth Pak! 


Great for hiking, camping and your carry-on! These are great, love the size-perfect!


My mom turned me onto these! If you can’t brush for a while—these are perfect for travel, picnics and hiking!


We believe most pet items should be selected by their owners, every dog is different, however this product we highly recommend! If you take your dog, please take Pura Natural Paw Balm--find out more.


We love Ponchos! This is our brand and they go everywhere with us. Great little travel bag too!


These are lightweight and work great!


I always get blisters when hiking. Toes and Heels. This is the product I use.


These are the ones we are getting in 2018!
Highly recommended! 


We finally found a Deet Free bug repellent that works! Just tested in Thailand! 


Looking for a comfy, rugged, all round camping/hiking bag-this is it! So many straps to carry more bags or a small tent! 

Venture Pack

Great DAY PACK! Pack it inside your pack or take it to the trail! Fold up! Different colors. 

redwing bag

Durable! We love this bag--and we will soon steal it from our friend. He raves about it. Tons of pockets and super comfy! 

emergency blanket

A must for any backpack or car. Could save your life or a pet! We have not used them yet, but I feel better having them. 


We still carry a lighter and matches. These are a GREAT addition because they will light when it wet! Great for hiking or camping. 

Collapsible dog bowl.

Like we stated above ( about the Paw Balm) we feel pet owners need to select products according to their dogs personality/breed, however these bowls are great for any dog at a picnic, park or on a hike. This company has small ones too!

Jon's Hiking Gear


Columbia’s Convertible Pants, It runs slightly small. Convert to pants or shorts as the weather changes!


If you hike in cold regions, you might want some quality long underwear. Long lasting and great!


We have worn Keen for years, in fact, we have worn the same Keen shoes for years! Great for low altitude treks. 


We love Smartwool! Quality and Price--another "Go To" Sock. 


Their hats are great and this jacket is too!


Outdoor Research wins again—great in the snow!


Columbia again! Omni-Wick; quick dry and tough.


Darn Tough Socks have been our “Go To” Socks for years, choose this one or you can find a variety of others.


Great gloves for Hiking, Camping, anything active!

Merrell Hiking Boot_

Jon has a Merrell boot that is no longer for sale, however, his good friend owns this style and Jon is drooling over it!

Icebreaker Mens Layer Shirt

If you hike in Altitude, you gotta do layers! 
cold/hot/cool/cold/ etc. etc. The climate changes. It is warm, but not too "hefty". 

Helly Hansen Mens Cargo Short

Helly Hansen is another favorite of ours! Great quality, fit and stretch. Plus, quick dry if they get wet. 

Deb's Hiking Gear


Yep, these are great, just look at the reviews! Last f-o-r-e-v-e-r!


We love Columbia’s outdoor clothes and these are sooo comfy!


We hike and cross country ski in the mountains, so always splurge for a good pair of long lasting long underwear.


After years of hiking, these are still my “go to” shoes for light trails.


We both use these! Outdoor Research wins again—great in the snow!


These are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn!  I also have Hokaone running shoes- they are the best!  


These are great travel shirts—Fast dry and comes in a variety of colors.


Love this gloves and they are great looking too! I use for running and walking.

columbia womens shorts

These fit great and has just the right amount of stretch for climbing up rocks.