What’s Our Favorite Travel Item you ask ( or not )?
Any item that makes travel safe; easy and lasts forever- or a really LONG time!
We travel, our family travels, our friends travel, so if this rambling crew loves something, you’re going to hear about it! Scroll on down & check out our lists of :

 Travel  Gifts  Travel  Accessories  and  Hiking  Gear

Travel Gifts

We love getting Travel Gifts from friends and family!  

So if you're busy with your travels OR just life, this list might help!

Christmas is just around the corner!! Some of these make Great Holiday Gifts And Stocking Stuffers! 

Travel Accessories

Hiking Gear

Ways and Means...

We are into saving money and 
plan to travel for a very long time.
Below are the seven travel websites that we currently use to plan and save! 


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Check Flights Here


Cheap Flights


Great Choices, Even for Pets

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Great Choices, Even for Pets


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Love These Tours!