Travel is hard, especially when you're carrying a heavy load. 
He's my hero and travel buddy forever! 

We have traveled together for over 20 years from the ground up, so to speak.. then we got a tent.  
Then a big truck- new sleeping quarters- Yes!
On to cabins,  yurts, resorts, boats, flea infested hotels and jungle lodges.  
We often traveled with our dogs- Big-Puking Dogs.

Our rockstar was the puker...that's another story.

You can read it here:  Zepplin

This is us savannah
Bags and Bones Debbie and Morty

Our travels will always touch upon a connection with animals, hence BagsandBones. We love 'em and if we can help where we travel OR create awareness through this blog, well, darn it, we're doing it!

Our journeys are told with Coffee House Chatter and Bar Stool Banter ( I hold back a bit, for mom)  - it's who we are, so pull up a chair, better yet take some time off! Nothing has changed our lives more than Exploring New Places.

And We have just moved to Ecuador! 
Hope you sign up and join the journey! 

  Please read at least ONE of our stories ( or just look at the pictures-HA!)