The Sweet Seduction – Savannah Georgia

Savannah Georgia Park

Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia, USA

I Think Forrest Gump Was Right On Target. 

"Savannah is like a box of chocolates"...oh wait, that's not right... But it is.

Savannah, Georgia continues to be one of the most well-preserved historical cities in the USA, then, how is it compared to the analogy above?

Visit,  Return......See,  Repeat.
This is our 4th visit, and with each trip we discover something new; unexpected, or as a Southerner may put it:  "Well, Butter My Butt & Call Me A Biscuit" !!

Now, let's paint the "proverbial picture", then get into why we return to Savannah over and over.  It's Probably Those Damn Ghosts. 

Savannah is considered to be one of America's most haunted cities and here are 7 more reasons to visit this charming city.

  • Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia with a plethora of Civil War and Revolutionary War sites, stories, historical markers and Antebellum architecture.
  • Savannah has some of the best southern style restaurants.
    "Slap Your Grandma In The Face Good". Not literally folks, just another "Southernism"
  • Savannah has the second largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the United States- so you know the town loves to party. They even turn all the fountains green - look for it in our Savannah Squares video (link below). Get a drink “to go” anywhere.
  • Savannah has an active river port. Ships, food, shopping, bars, and a few lingering Ghosts there too.
  • Savannah is home to -Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).
  • Savannah has "Squares", oh yeah, you'll want to land in a few, watch our video, more on that in a bit.
  • Savannah's Bonaventure Cemetery is a "must see" and became popular with the movie Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil. I Really Suggest You Read The Book AND Watch The Movie! Our Video Tour of the cemetery is also below.
    Here's the book: MidnightInTheGarden

Okay, let's break this down for you, whether it's a few days or a week or longer, here are the "Must See" Attractions.  

Three or Four Days in Savannah!

Visitor Centers --We suggest you start here, there are two. The most convenient visitor centers are:
Visitor Information Center: 301 Martin Luther King Blvd (912)-944-0455. 
Lots of Information, a large parking lot with options to store your RV overnight! You can get your tickets for Hop-on-Hop-off Old Savannah Tours here too!
If you are over by City Market/ Ellis square, this is smaller visitor information center which is very nice; maps available there too. 

The Mercer Williams House-- Okay first READ Midnight In The Garden Of Eden LINK or watch the movie from 1997 with Kevin Spacey and John Cusack! When you enter the home, you will see the same furnishings that were in the "set" of the movie (or at least when we visited). The home and story- based on true events, will set the mood for your visit!
The Italianate style home is located on the southwest end of Monterey Square at 429 Bull Street. 


The Mercer Williams House

First African Baptist Church -- Take the tour! The guides are amazing and you will learn how the church became part of the Underground Railroad and much more. Closed Mondays. Check out the tour times here: FABC

A Few Of The 22 Squares-- While visiting many of these historic homes and museums you will actually be in close proximity to the lush neighborhood green spaces that were laid out in a "grid" pattern in 1733. If you don't have a lot of time, just check out one or two. 
We have a blog post AND video just on the Savannah Squares. 
They are charming; relaxing and well, learn more and see 12 of them HereSavannah Squares- Get Ready To Slow Down

Bonaventure Cemetery-- Enchanting,  dreamy,  serene,  eerie.
We always head back to the cemetery--part of the seduction of Savannah.
Here are a few pictures below and A VIDEO of our bike ride through the cemetery. 

Bonaventure Cemetery9
BonaventureCemetery Savannah

There are many Bonaventure Tours or you can go on your own. Shannon Scott has one great tour, and you can find his tour and "rating" HERE: CemeteryTour

Video Tour-On Bikes

River Street District--Below is a picture of the River Street District and River Boats. Even if you don't take a cruise there is a plenty to do! Shop, drink and dance.
We love Savannah's Candy Kitchen!

TIP:  Walking in and around the River Street District can be a bit hazardous if your wearing your heels- ladies.
You'll be crossing cobblestone streets, trolley tracks; using steep stairways to get to the second level-in some areas. 


The west end has great dance bars, country and more. The party usually starts after 10pm. Here is the link to the "Party Barge", I mean River Boat Cruises. HERE: CRUISE

Riverboat Sacannah

River Street District and Cruises

Broughton Street--
wander around and visit some unique shops; Thrift stores and national retail chains.
The Paris Market-- located at 36 W. Broughton and has two floors filled with one-of-a-kind items/upcycled and much more!
Civvies-- Vintage and New clothing at 14 E. Broughton Street.
Leopold's Ice Cream--always a line, but worth the wait! 212 E. Broughton St. 



Sorrel Weed House --This home is "Choked" full of Creepiness! The home is considered the "most haunted house in Savannah" so if you're short on time, definitely visit.   

Owens Thomas House -- The historic Regency style home is impressive, in fact, if you are used to touring historic homes, there might be some features that will surprise you. The guides are excellent, and the price of the tickets include entry to Telfair Museum! 

Forsyth park-- Explore this park!  Enjoy picnics,  playgrounds, concerts, tennis and historic monuments. There is a farmers market on Saturday mornings from 9-1. All of this on 30 acres of lush and lovely southern grounds! Pets are welcome, however they must be on a leash. 

forsyth park
Tree Forsythe Park Savannah
Forsythe Park

Food Tour!-- If you are only there 2 to 4 days, you might want to get a "Taste" of what southern food is all about along with interesting tidbits about the culture, architecture and history of Savannah. Catch this tour Y'all! HERE: SavannahFoodTour

Historic Savannah Tour with Your Pups! -- What a great idea and Savannah has it! Oliver Bentleys tour is designed so you may walk with your pup OR if you would just like to be around dogs, you can come along too. The tour is casual and lasts approximately 90 minutes. Found out more here: HistoricPupTour

Five to Ten Days or More...

The Beach! Tybee Island is just 1/2 hour from Savannah's historic district. Love the casual seafood restaurants. Beach rentals, location, events, places to stay along with PET FRIENDLY accomodations can be found HERE: TYBEE  Below is a interactive Google Map showing the Island and the surrounding area. 

Oatland Wildlife Center

Oatland Island Wildlife Center-
Our BagsandBones moment was spent here! Alligators, birds, deer, cougar, pigs and goats. A great educational experience for young and old. Open 7 days a week. For more info & address click HERE
Approximately 18 minutes from the Historic District. You can also find it on the Google Map above. 

Alligator Savannah GA
Live Oaks at Wormsloe

Wormsloe Plantation- To the left is the stunning mile long entryway leading you to a museum, short walking trails and tabby ruins. Interesting & beautiful.
Approximately 20 minutes from the Historic District. Learn more here: Wormsloe
You can use the Google Map above to find the location. 
7601 Skidaway Rd Savannah, GA 

Walking, Carriage, Ghosts And Pedal Tours

   Historical Walking Tour Or Carriage Ride. When we first visited Savannah, we thought a walking tour would get us up close to the surroundings, and it was! Unfortunately, the guide we hired is no longer in Savannah (we think he revealed too much).......
We still think a walking tour is the best, if you can!
Here are a few tours to choose from on TripAdvisor:  WALK  
Visitors also love the Carriage Rides, we have heard they are great and we still need to do this too. Horses are well taken care of and most of the tour is shaded, so that's a plus! 
   Here is another LINK for Carriage Rides and a picture below from our last visit.

Carriage Ride Savannah


   Savannah Pedal Power Tours. Our second visit included a Pedal Powered Pub Crawl.  We took Savannah Slow Ride. You do not have to reserve a big group, we actually joined a family reunion and it was fun getting to know everyone. So basically you pedal to a few bars, listen to music, wave, sing and have fun! You don't have to drink, and the bar stops are quick, plus all drinks are made TO GO!   

   Ghost Tours- "Who You Gonna Call?"  There are quite a few Ghost Tours to choose from. Walking,  Pub Crawls,  Hearse Rides,  but our favortie was.......
Ding- Ding- Ding : The Dead Of Night Ghost Tour. This one is for adults only @11pm. Here is the link for that particular tour, they do have others tours also. GHOSTS

Southern Style Food and Beyond

Now that I have your attention.
Let's get to it.
Restaurants come and go, and you'll find the regular suggestions i.e. The Olde Pink House Restaurant/Paula Deen/ Mrs Wilkes Dining Room and those are great, but we found a few new ones that really Got Our Tails Waggin this trip; and a few favorites, we always return to! 
-One disappointment, was a trendy restaurant in the Starland neighborhood, the Atlantic. The food was good, but the portions are small.
"For the love of God!" ​Who eats like this?
I don't know about you, but when I finish my meal, I at least like to feel a bit full, not craving more food!
We don't mind paying a bit more for fresh and creative, but portions have to at least be normal size for "us".  Just an opinion folks! 

The Good Stuff.........
  • Vic's On The River: We always head back to! Views of river and fabulous fare! Everything is consistently great and we love the wine list here. Reservations are needed for evening dining. Walk-ins for lunch are usually no problem. 26 East Bay Street--(912) 721-1000
  • Chive Sea Bar & Lounge: Fabulous! Lunch or dinner and moderately priced (for seafood in Savannah). If you love seafood, try Chive. Best if you get a reservation, they do keep a few spots open for walk-ins, although it's not that big. 4 W Broughton St. (912) 233-1748
  • Green Truck Pub: I like to think of this place as a "upscale" pub. Burgers, (including veggie); Pimento Cheese Plate, indoor/outdoor sitting- just get casual! 2430 Habersham St (912) 234-5885
  • ALure: We try to splurge at least once ($$$) in Savannah and you won't be disappointed with Alure. A sweet Southern treat. Here is the menu: Alure  Located at 309 West Congress Street. (912) 233-2111
  • Cotton And Rye: Oh MY... MY... MY.... Whatever you decide on, the shrimp and grits, stuffed trout, steak, Mac and Cheese - "Yes" It's Slap Your Grandma In The Face Good ! You will need reservations. Located at 1801 Habersham St. (912)777-6286 Closed Sundays. 

And A Few More......
Husk Restaurant- Delightful and Romantic. We went there for Sunday Brunch and we didn't want to leave. Currently, they are just open for Dinner & Brunch on Sundays. Located at: 12 W. Oglethorpe Ave. (912) 349-2600

Husk Restaurant

 Husk Bar Area

Husk Restaurant Brunch

 Brunch At Husk, Eggs Benedict and Hash Browns

The Public Kitchen

 The Public Kitchen And Bar

The Public Kitchen and Bar was Very Good! 
Salads/Cheese/Shrimp and Grits and much more. Good wine list too! They do not take reservations and open at 5pm. There is often a "wait" after 6pm, maybe 20-30 minutes. You can eat at the bar. Located at: 1 W. Liberty Street (912) 200-4045




 Kayak Kafe'

​​​​Zunzi's is famous for their Conquistador Sandwich, I mean Travel Channel Famous! Stuffed Sandwiches with Special Sauce! Veggie options available. There WILL BE a line. Worth it, and it's easy on the wallet($)! Located at: 
108 E. York St. (921) 443-9555 * They also do catering.

Kayak Kafe'- Healthy and Delicious! Salads/Vegan/Taco/Hormone Free Chicken & more. Very enthusiastic wait staff and they also have a Sunday Brunch. Located at: 108 E. York St. (912) 443-9555

Booze/ Tea/Coffee/ Booze   

  • ​​​​Martini's--Jen's And Friends. This place has a great Happy Hour and a large variety of Martini's, I am talking 200+! Probably the most popular bar in the city. Located At: 7 E. Congress St. (912) 238-5367
  • Cocktails--Alley Cat Lounge. Best Mixologists in Savannah! The variety is superb! A little hard to find. It is actually in the alley, located at: 207 W. Broughton St. Opens at 5pm.  
  • Beer-- Crystal Beer Parlor. A Savannah tradition. Twenty-six beers on tap. Restaurant too, in fact the oldest restaurant in Savannah. Located at: 301 West Jones Street. (912) 349-1000.
  • Wine-- Okay, this has really changed. Our favorite is gone. The higher end restaurants with probably have the best lists, but what I hate is regular wine lists with high price tags. I'm sure we will update this next trip, but we enjoyed the wine at the Public Kitchen and Bar and Vic's On the River (see info above). 
    Good Wine=Reasonably Priced.
  • Tea Room-- We love the Gryphon tea room at the corner of Bull and Charlton street. It's a lovely setting, just off Madison Square. Charming building, also wonderful sandwiches and desserts! 
  • Coffee-- Here is one our favorites are Foxy Loxy Cafe It's just FUN. It's more than coffee, they have tex-mex; cheese boards; desserts; danish and music! Located at 1919 Bull Street (912) 401-0543.
    We also love The Sentient Bean. Located at one end of Forsyth Park at 13 E. Park Ave. They serve Fair Trade Coffee, baked goods and a healthy menu for breakfast or lunch. Open 7 days a week. 7am-9pm. (912) 232-4447.

You Gotta Sleep Sometime 

I confess, our first visit was on a whim after a short trip to Atlanta, GA and it was New Year's Eve.
There was no planning. We really didn't think we would even find a room-anywhere!
We got lucky.
One room left at the Green Palm Inn.

Quaint; romantic and well, the breakfast, OMG the breakfast!  Eggs benedict, fresh muffins and biscuits, fruit, sausage pie, banana caramel french toast!  
Wine and snacks in the afternoon. Private parking in back.  
I will ALWAYS recommend the Green Palm Inn, but I must confess, once again, 
we haven't been back.
We discovered credit card points and love to stay for free-so to speak. 
We now stay at either the Comfort Inn Suites or Residence Inn- Historic district only. 
We stayed outside the historic district and never again, the "feel" is not the same and being able to walk to any attraction far outweighs the savings.
Here is a great site you can search for ALL types of accommodations in Savannah! We love it because it has the TripAdvisor rating right on the listing. Here's your connection for Savannah Hotel Bookings:

Pet Friendly Places  

We prefer BringFido, as the fees and ratings are upfront on their listings. You can search for Pet Friendly accommodations HERE.

Storytelling and copulation are the two chief forms of the amusement in the South, they are inexpensive and easy to procure.
Robert Penn Warren

Hey, don't forget to check out our story and video on the Savannah Squares, Click HERE

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