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Landing in Ecuador

Expat Life! Why We Landed In Ecuador

Have you ever thought about becoming an expat? We have, quite a bit and just moved to Ecuador (2019).  People are always curious why? Read on….. We might just share the same hopes and dreams. Expat

Cuenca Ecuador

Ecuador, We Got The Fever And Its Calling Us Back

CUENCA, ECUADORWe had been thinking about moving abroad for the last 10 years. Nothing really "tripped out triggers", then we landed in Cuenca, Ecuador.  We made it! Moved to Cuenca Ecuador 2019!

Ecuador Lunch

Ecuador: First Impressions Are Good (We Are Still Smiling)

Popcorn For Lunch ( Almuerzo) In EcuadorAt the time of this post, we have just moved to Cuenca, Ecuador.Since our first visit in 2012, the customs, and mannerisms have not changed-much.  We're still