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camping in a yurt

Get ready to Yurt!  If you're looking for a new camping experience, this just might be it! 
If you're a Yurt newbie, here's your guide to Yurts and how to reserve one. 

Already love Yurts? Check out Creede, Colorado. 


A bit about Yurts....
It's really quite interesting.
Based on compression and tension working together creating a pressure support system. 

The walls are made from a lattice.  There is an opening (ring) at the top of the yurt which is under pressure from the angled poles inserted (or connected) to a tension band at the wall.

Larger yurts may have support beams around the wall and tension bands on the outside as shown above. 

Of course there are other modifications depending on culture, climate and available materials. ​

If you "Yurnt" for more, here is Wikipedia's explanation. Yurt Info.

Our Yurt experience in Creede, Colorado

Exploring Colorado is one of our favorite past times! 
In the Summer and Fall, it's ALL about camping, hiking, biking--just getting out of the city for awhile.

After years of camping and squatting in the woods, I was ready for an inside toilet seat, but still wanted to be secluded.
We found a perfect Yurt in the small town of Creede with mountain bike trails right outside our door! 

Below is a interactive map showing the location of Creede, Colorado.  
Feel free to zoom + (in) and (-) out.
You can see Telluride to the West, and Durango will be to the Southwest.
Creede is located in the southern part of the state, slightly west.
It is 4 and 1/2 hours from Denver taking Highway 285, however there are some great little mountain towns along the way such as:
Buena Vista  Salida  Bailey  and Fairplay.
Plenty of Hotels, Camping spots and Mountain views! 

Historically, Creede was a booming silver mining town in the late 1800's, today the attraction is camping, fishing, shopping, biking, hiking, cross country skiing and much more!

Get ready for high altitude if you decide to visit Creede.
Elevation: 8,500 to 14,000 feet.
Our Yurt was at 10,000 feet

Yurt in Creede Colorado


Above is the picture of  our Yurt in Creede. Pretty incredible, Huh!? Mornings were spent gazing at the magnificent San Juan Mountain Range. 

Now a little more about that altitude.....
If you're from out of state and live at lower altitudes, you might just want to acclimate your body a bit before heading to the hills. It's best to stay at the lower elevations for a couple of days.

To compare, here is the altitude of three popular cities in Colorado:

  • Denver (the mile high city), is of course 5,280 feet.
  • Colorado Springs is 6,035 feet.
  • Estes Park is 7,522 feet. 

If interested, check out this excellent article on Altitude Sickness and how to prepare for your trip, Click Here: Getting High

Colorado high country camping is different then lower elevations. It took me awhile to adjust from Midwest camping where there is noise-all-night-long.
People-Bugs-Birds etc. 

We usually camp pretty high in Colorado and as private as possible. 
I used to lay in the sleeping bag, just waiting for a noise. The nights are, for the most part, silent, only to hear the wind whipping around the trees.

Locations will vary, but even in the summer, mountain camping is cold at night. Thankfully, we had a wood burning stove in our Yurt.  

If you're into mountain biking.....
As mentioned above, there were trails just outside our Yurt. If you are starting your incline at that kind of elevation (10,000 feet)  be ready to breathe- 

We have taken on many trails, but these Frick-en Trails ate us up! Gut-wrenching! Not technically, but at that altitude--Be In Shape! Damn Good Shape! 

Regardless, it was a great day and even met a couple of llamas on the trail too. 
Don't worry, there are other "moderate" trails for hiking, horseback riding and cycling, check out this link for trail systems, the town of Creede and activities -HERE

What else can you do?
Well, we cooked,  played games in the evenings, hit the 4-wheel drive roads, hiked, chopped wood, RELAXED, enjoyed the views and sipped some wine--All Good!

When you head to town..... 
Creede has a cool little town. The link above will give you information about events, restaurants, shopping and much more, however I want to mention this store:

Rare Things Gallery of Treasures it's a must see! I'm not really into shopping for souvenirs, but I found a very unique wood sculpture that will be with us forever!  

Now here are some tips to consider (and ask about) before you book your Yurt:
  • Early Bird Gets The-- Well, you know. Reserve early. The prices for renting a yurt can vary, anywhere from $26 to well over $200 depending on location, age, size and amenities.
  • What's It Got? -- Ask what supplies are stocked in the yurt. Most yurts will have kitchen cookware and utensils, however some require you to bring your own towels and bedding. 
    Ask about a refrigerator and water.  
    If it's the winter, you may be melting snow for water or you might get lucky with a well or running water.
    *No running water in our Yurt. The owner had left three 5-gallon water bottles. It did have a portable shower, however for hot water, we had to heat up a pot full on the stove. 
  • Is Your Yurt-O (my slang)--  Accessible by car all year round? Do you need a 4-wheel drive? If it's winter, it might be only accessible by snowshoes or skis, Yep! 
  • Chevron Circle Right
    Got Heat?--  Most yurts will have a woodburning stove and wood (or wood to chop) for your use. 
    *Our yurt was very warm. The host supplied instructions.
    If you're unfamiliar with wood burning stoves, it wouldn't hurt to review a "how to" guide before you go, or ask if instructions are provided. 
    Also will you be chopping the wood or will it be supplied?
  • Chevron Circle Right
    Power Sources-- Electricity available? 
    *Our yurt had portable solar panels to charge a lantern (they supplied), otherwise we used our flashlights.  
    Cell phone signals? If this is important to you, please ask. 
    *We did not have cell phone signal at that location, and we welcomed the break!
  • Chevron Circle Right
    What-cha Gonna Do? Be a hermit, cool, cool. If your ready to explore the area, ask your host about the nearby trails and activities.
    Also ask about any trail "use" restrictions.  
  • Chevron Circle Right
    Can You Bring Rover? Good question! This really varies by yurt and season. Just ask.
  • Chevron Circle Right
    What about that ring in the sky? I love sleeping under the stars, but for me, morning light can sometimes, well, suck. The ring at the top of most yurts will be uncovered, great for stargazing. 
    *We decided to sleep in, so hubby brought an extra sheet and a clothesline and he built a little tent above our head- It was Perfect!

Finding a Yurt near you.....

Yurt camping has really increased in popularity, in fact, as you research your trip, it might be referred to as "Glamping" (glamour+camping ). 
Our Yurt was not a Glam-per-HA!  Yours may be. 

To find a yurt in your state or preferred destination, you can you use these two directories below or Just "Google" Yurts for rent (or Glamping).
>The first directory is Yurt Airbnb's, which we often use: Yurt Airbnb

>The second directory is Yurt Lodging across the USA:  Yurt Lodging

Interested in the Yurt we stayed in? It's now on Airbnb! Mark is a great guy! Say Hi for me! Here's the link : Creede Yurt

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