Ride, Play and Eat Bangkok, Thailand

Lumpini Park, Bangkok

Lumpini Park, Bangkok Thailand

Now, If you have traveled to Bangkok, you will know what I mean by
 "infusion to your senses".
Days and nights are filled with cultural acclimation, at least if this is your first visit.
It was for us.  

So, what was memorable?
What was exceptional?
The Thai people- hospitable to visitors, and deeply devoted to traditions, family, heritage, and religion.
However you decide to explore the city, it will be the energy and attitude of these lovely people that will make your adventure unforgettable!

There is so much information on Bangkok, "The BEST of this" and "that"-
"10 things you got to do", yadda, yadda, yadda.
As usual, we decided to give our readers something bit different.  So, here's
Three places (not the only places, of course) locals
Eat, Play and Live!

The picture above is from Lumpini Park, in the heart of Bangkok-- worth a visit and second on our list for a "place to play".  So, let's get started! First, our crazy ride.

Bike The Back Alleys Of Bangkok--Video & Insider Tips

If you the video doesn't play here, please watch it on Youtube here  ↠ video

We're hooked on city bike tours-anywhere and everywhere!
Most of the bike guides are locals and are passionate about leading you in and around the back ways to popular and unknown attractions.
It is usually AFTER a bike tour, that we finalize (or change) our plans for exploring the concrete jungle and beyond!

The Bangkok ride has surpassed all other bike tours to date!   
This ride takes you in and out of residential areas, hidden markets, temples, gardens, junk piles and you'll stop for a few Thai fruit and food tastings also.
These alleys are off the tourist maps!  
Kid friendly, great bikes, and the guides keep everyone safe and happy!
Co. Van Kessel is a highly respected and organized tour service in Bangkok. 
Their description of the tour is right on!  👇

"Expect to be surprised, prepare to be amazed."


✴ The description of tours, prices, location map, pictures and transportation assistance is on their website. We actually booked this through Viator at home ( link below). 
     We took one of the river boats to a stop, near their location. In fact, we took the river boats quite a bit Bangkok as they are cheaper and faster than taxis.
Bangkok traffic is INSANE!
Here is  link for river boat schedules. The boats with the orange flags stop at many of the major attractions and/or you can walk to other points of interest.
See it Here ➽ BOAT RIDES

✴  Make sure you can ride a bike! This sounds odd, I know, but previous guides have told us that some people book the tour, and have never been on a bike! Besides, you will be going around some tight corners and weaving in a out of some skinny alleys.

✴ Thai people are very friendly and appear to be used to this tour, but be aware that food vendors are everywhere!  Along with trailers, carts, stray cats, dogs, plants and motorcycles. 

✴Viator Link for the 3- hour classic bike Tour HERE

✴ Co. Van Kessel Website Link  HERE

Lumpini Park !  Escape The City Within The City--Video & Insider Tips.

Whenever we travel, we head to a local park. It's a great way to get close to nature, wildlife, run or bike and meet locals! 
In Bangkok, the largest and oldest recreational park is in the heart of the city. 
Lumpini Park is FREE to enter, open from 4:30 am to 9 pm every day.

It was established in 1922, spreads over an area of 142 acres and was named after Buddha's birthplace in Nepal, actually called Lumbini, you may also see it spelled Lumphini. 

Paddle Boats

As we entered the park, we were drawn to these lovely Swan paddle boats. 
They currently rent for 40 bhat per hour ( 40bhat = $1.21 us dollars).  

Take a path or walk in the road ( find the slow lane ) and you will find a variety of sculptures, flower gardens, and activities such as running, biking (10am to 3pm only) exercise classes, Tai Chi, outdoor weights, traditional Thai dance (which you will see in our video, toward the end). 

Take a look at our video which is just over 4 minutes, then head back for More information and INSIDER TIPS.

A unique feature of this park is the Monitor water lizards ( pictured below), there are quite a few in this park near the ponds, although we saw them a in few other areas around Bangkok.  

These little monsters are free to walk about, graze and eat. They are very cool to watch and no worries, they will just head to the water if you get too close, just don't feed them p-l-e-a-s-e.  

To observe wildlife free, to do what they were meant to do, is always a treat.

Monitor lizard Thailand

Monitor Water Lizard

Here's a Google map showing the location of the park 👇


✴ Lumpini Park is located at Rama VI Road, Pathumwan.
If you look for this the statue of King Rama VI- who established the park, you will be at the main western gate. 

✴ The Silom MRT station and the Sala Daeng BTS stop are close to the park.
Check out this link for the best transportation routes about Bangkok.
Here ➡ Hitch-in-a-ride
This link is perfect for transportation from "here to there" around Bangkok.
It includes Skytrain (BTS), City Buses (BRT-the Bangkok Bus Rapid Transit), Subway (MRT) and Boat Taxi schedules.
Of course, if you are close by, you can walk. ✦ See link to Hotels by Lumpini Park, below.   

King Rama VI

✴ Try to avoid transportation in this area during rush hour (early evening).
We took the Skytrain to the park and the subway to another destination and it was HELL!
We were scrunched into the carrier cars like sardines layered in a can, but still squirming--Don't do it!  

✴  The park is great for kids too. There is a very nice play ground and you can buy fish food and rent mats. 

✴ If you are interested in bird watching, the best time to go is before 9 am.
We were there later, but a local told us, you should be able to see Zebra Doves, Oriental Magpies, and Copper Smiths.

✴ There are often Jazz or Symphony concerts on Sundays, which are also free. 

✴ Three BIG rules: No smoking, No Dogs and No Alchohol.
Sorry, another time, another place.

✴ Many mid to high-end hotels are in close proximity to park.
      Here are a few:
      Crown Plaza
      Hotel Indigo
      So Sofitel Bangkok
      The Sukhothai Bangkok
      Como Metropolitan Bangkok

You can find them all and more at AGODA'S website, HERE ➽ BANGKOK HOTELS. We love Agoda for all our accomations throughout Thailand!     

Eat Old Bangkok- Banglamphu Market, (Where The Locals Go & The Tourists Buy Cheap)--Video And Location Info

Enjoy the video and take note if you visit Bangkok!  👆


 ✴ If you zoom in (+) to the Google Map above, Banglamphu market is just north of the "touristy" and ever crowded Khao San Road, near Chao Phraya river. 
This area is also referred to as the Phra Nakhon district. 
You will also find temples, restaurants and bars that are worth a visit!

✴ Locals love  the Banglamphu market for the traditional food and vintage desserts. It is one of the oldest Bangkok shopping districts.

✴ Tourists and locals claim it is one of the cheapest clothes in this area!
The main street for the food vendors is Chakrabongse Road.  Take your time and watch what the locals buy! 

✴ "Bang Lampu" means area of the Mangrove apple. Historically, during the Rattanakosin Kingdom era (1782-1932) much of the area was covered with lush Mangroves.  

✴ If you are leary of eating street food, we suggest Travelan tablets. I did get sick in Cuba, ever since that trip we take Travelan. We took it religiously in Bangkok.
Here is a link, please read the reviews. Travelan

✴ There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options in all of the street vendor areas. 

Our animal connection in Thailand was staying at BLES Elephant Sanctuary. If you wish to visit or stay at a sanctuary in Thailand, or anywhere in the world, PLEASE read this inspirational story.
Find out how you can choose and support ethical elephant sanctuaries.    Elephant Story

Here is some more tours you might want to look at. We have taken many tours through Get Your Guide and they have always turned out great! 
Below that, are three Lonely Planet Guides to Thailand-Just click on the book.

Eyewitness Travel Thailand
Lonely Planet Bangkok
Thailands Islands and Beaches

-And Finally, This Sign Might Make You Smile. 

We've seen a lot of  ☛interesting signs while traveling, but this one (like the bike ride) is the best yet!
This actually is located behind the toilet, in a cafe' in Bangkok, Thailand. 

sign in Bangkok

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