Is it Pet Paradise Or Pet Hotel From Hell….

If you've traveled with dogs or just starting out, these tips for selecting the right hotel is worth "barking about"!

You've decided on a destination, now to select the best Pet Hotel for YOU and your pet. 

In my opinion, BringFido site is the very best updated site for Pet Hotels, Events, Restaurants, Dog Friendly Parks And Beaches- WORLDWIDE and you see the reviews right up front!
So, head back here after you read the tips. Link is here: Bring Fido

Okay, Here's Your Pet Motel Checklist! 


Usually found online, however I like to call and confirm the policy is up to date.

Also a good time to ask any other questions you might have. If you are staying in different locations within the same hotel chain, let's say you love Best Western Hotels, check out the pet policy for each, as they are often different, per location.

  FEES - Most hotels will charge a fee for the pet stay. This varies, and usually for more than one animal or size of the pet, however if you feel it is high or just don't know, call.

I like to find out what the fee is for??? Is it for a unexpected clean-up? Damage? Keeping the room flea free and sanitized? All of the above?

  IS IT A PET HOTEL OR......... a hotel with a few designated pet rooms? This will also make a difference in amenities and fees. Designated pet hotels can offer toys; spas; online room monitoring; activities; indoor/outdoor facilities. There really are more options these days!

  DO THEY REQUIRE YOU TO CRATE the dog at all times? Are you allowed to keep the dog in the room when you are out?

  WHAT IS THE LEASH POLICY? Some hotels have a mandatory "on leash" policy- everywhere, while others have restricted areas, still others offer leash-free play areas.

  ARE YOUR PETS ALLOWED on the furniture? Do they supply covers?

  IS THE ENTIRE HOTEL PET FRIENDLY? Make sure you are on the ground floor. Easier on you and the pet when its potty time; elevators can be stressful ( ask for a room away from the elevators too!) and if you are the ground floor, you won't disturb guests below you if play time gets out of hand.

  UPON ARRIVAL, DO YOU enter through the front door or is there a pet entrance?


  IF YOU ARE TRAVELING WITH A CAT, is it okay to place the litter box in the bathroom?


Just a few more nuggets...........

So you've found the perfect pet hotel! I know it goes without saying, but make sure your vaccinations are up to date and you have tags with their names and your phone numbers on them.

When you arrive but before you enter the hotel, Take Your Dog For A Walk. Your pets will be anxious, I know your ready to relax, but really it helps!

So you've enter your room! Check For Fleas, Seriously, Check  For  Fleas!!
Here's one way...
Stand near the bed for a few minutes, really......then go to the curtain area. They will jump on your ankles and calves if they are there--Yep! Also, check out the bathroom for fleas on the floor.

10 ways to make it the the best stay ever and get that thumbs up from the desk clerk on the way out!

1. Create your pets special place in the room. If they are not used to being crated, play games in and out of the crate before you go. Hopefully, you have brought their special toy that they can have in the crate, but avoid things that they could rip apart or choke on, like a rawhide.

2. Before going out, make sure they are well exercised to ensure a future nap. If they are not crated, keep "chewable items" away.

3. If the hotel does not supply covers bring a large sheet or two for muddy paws, excess hair and eating area. Before leaving home, we pull the blankets out of the crates and feed them in there, then we feed them in the crate at hotels. Its a lot easier to clean up that area, then carpet. Works great unless you have a sloppy eater.

4. If you need to leave without your pet, leave your name and phone number at the front desk just in case your dog is crying or barking.

5. Leave the toilet lid down, just in case it looks like a brand new water bowl- to them! We like to take a collaspible travel bowl, for hiking, but for inside a hotel room, it has to be Non-Tippy! We love this one: NoSpill and here's a link for a collaspible Bowl here: TRAVELBOWL

6. Turn the TV or radio on, it tends to soothe and cover up mild whimpering.

7. Don't give your dog a bath in tub, come folks, don't DO IT! There is often a hose or spray station nearby. Bring your own pet's bowls, blankets and towels and for goodness sake AND don't use the ice bucket for a water bowl. We bring these Pet Wipes and they work GREAT!
You can get them here: Pogi's Wipes
8. Doo-doo's do happen, bring some extra rags and pet disinfectant, JUST IN CASE and get that deposit $$ back in your pocket.

9. Bring some Pet First Aid supplies. You can purchase a separate one, or we just add some extra items to our travel first aid kit. See this article which includes the contents of our First Aid Kit. HERE
We also add extra Vet Tape Wrap (can by used for people too), you can buy it HERE: PET TAPE
Don't forget the current medical records. We put them in a plastic bag and add to the first aid kit. 

10. Sidewalks and pavements can be hot in the summer, icy in the winter, we always bring PURA Organic Paw Balm for protection or to treat small cuts. WE LOVE IT!! Get it HERE
Also, here is an excellent app from the American Red Cross for pet first aid. LINK TO APP


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