Ocala, Florida, Get Off Road And Get Dirty!

ATV Trek Ocala National Forest

ATV Trek Ocala National Forest

We Love to play in the woods, the Dirtier the better!!

If you love Biking,  Boating,  4-wheel-in,  Swimming,  Wildlife,  Horses or  Camping. 
This area has it all! Great family fun too. Check out all the information below!
Ocala, Florida--Ba-bee! 

We had a hankering for some rugged bike trails and 4-wheel action.  
We finally found a playground!
This is our 4th trip down to Ocala/Silver Springs area, from Jax, Florida.
Below is an interactive map, so you can get a perspective of where Ocala is located.
Basically, it's in the middle of the state, northwest of Orlando.

Hope you like wildlife, because there's a good possibility you might see bears, in this area, and we did! Twice! Once on a horseback trek, and the other along the Florida Black Bear Scenic Byway.
Below is a picture of Florida black bears. This is not our picture, but we did see a momma and cubs on one visit! 

Black Bear Ocala Florida

The Florida Black Bear Scenic Highway goes through the Ocala National Forest North, South, East and West.
Here is the official link about the Black Bear Scenic Byway. LINK

Let's Talk Off Road Trails For Jeep, 2-Wheel, ATV, 4x4.
Ocala National Forest! Woo-hoo! 198 miles of Off Road Romping!
The Big Scrub areas in the Ocala National Forest are the largest contiguous block of sand pine scrub ecosystem In The World! 
Grab the link for the Ocala National Forest and ALL the trails! PLAY HERE

Below is our video, a day of play on ATV's. We rented our ATV's from a great group of guys, just click on the link for info, rates etc., Here it is: ATV RENTAL 
TIP: If you pay cash, you get $10 bucks off!

Check out our ATV video below!

ATV Ocala Florida

Next, Bike The Bumps At Santos Mountain Bike Trail

Ocala, FL bike trails

Vortex Area--All Ages!

Getting Ready To ride

One of my Best Friends! My Gary Fisher Bike!

Vortex Jumps Florida

Bumps, Ramps and Jumps!

Bike Ramp

In our opinion, the best trail riding in Florida! This is just one of the kick-ass downhill ramps within the trail system!
You have options galore, you can take the ramps or flat side trails. 

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced rides.  Very well maintained!
Maps are available at the trailhead or across the road at the bike rental shop ( see link below ). 
We suggest you get a map, it gets a bit tricky there, if it's your first ride! 

Okay, no excuses, if you're in the area and you love mountain biking, you need to check out these trails and the Vortex area! 
Santos Bike Trail! Here is your link for the location: TRAIL
If you need to rent, there's a bike shop directly across from the trailhead. 
Here's the link for rentals HERE   Perfect! Like I said, No Excuses!

Below is a video of the trail system and Vortex. 
We took a medium level trail for the video, vortex is at the end.

Want More? Always! 
Here is a link for More Trails and Bike Shops in and around Ocala. BIKE!

Where To Stay? 

  • First trip to Ocala, we stayed at the Marriott's Residence Inn, in Ocala, about 18 minutes from the Santos TrailHead. Very nice! You can find it here: Marriott
  • The next two trips we had IHG hotel points and stayed at the Holiday Inn, in Silver Springs. Great hotel and staff!!
    It is next to the Silver Springs Park, and close to Ocala's Historic District. 
    Find it HERE
  • This time we stayed at an Airbnb. We just got hooked on Airbnb, so here's a link to Airbnb.  Just "plug in" Silver Springs Or Ocala and your good to go!  
  • Pet Friendly- We didn't take Morty on this trip, but here is a great list of Pet Friendly Hotels in Ocala- PetsStay

Horse Capital Of The World! 

Marion County is home to over 1,200 horse farms!
In 2007, it was officially named the "Horse Capital Of The World".  
World class champions including two Triple Crown winners were bred in this county. The farms are impressive!
You want to ride? I have two personal recommendations and a link to more trail rides in around Ocala.
Also, an unforgettable tour of the GYPSY GOLD FARM
see the famous Gypsy Vanner Horses!

Find The Horses: HERE

​​​​​A Link To The City!
This the very best informational link for the entire Ocala/Marion County area!  

   Hope you can explore MORE of Florida on your next trip south and we have to agree with Walt Disney.........

Growing Old Is Mandatory, but growing up is optional
Walt Disney

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