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The Story, the Farm, The Gypsy Vanner Horses,
Highly recommended!
It is rare that you will take a tour like this.

Located in Ocala, Florida, the Gypsy Gold Farm Tour is one that is so personal, and heartfelt!

The tour is 2 hours and will start with an introduction to the owner and staff, then a story of how this breed was brought to America!
You will smile and laugh with Dennis (the owner) as he takes you on a delightful journey back in time. The discovery!   The gypsy culture!   The money!   The love!
How many tours have you been on that you want to return to?
Yes, the tour is that good!

Dennis Thompson with one of his Gypsy Vanner Horses

Dennis Thompson with one of his Gypsy Vanner Horses

Dennis will tell the story, as only he can, but here's an overview...
The Gypsies of Great Britain crossbred strong and mighty horses within their "tribe" to pull their colorful Caravans.
While traveling the back roads of Europe, Dennis and his wife Cindy, spotted an horse standing alone in a large field.
They found out the Stallion's owner was a Gypsy, and with the discovery of this new breed came a friendship with the Gypsy Tribes.
The whole story is fascinating!

Gypsy Vanner Horse Ocala Florida
Young Gypsy Vanner

Below is a quick video I captured on my phone. The Gypsy Vanner horses are very sweet and love attention.

A little bit about Ocala, Florida and the horses......

Ocala has been named the Horse Capital Of The World! Over 1,200 horse farms, which includes 900 thoroughbred farms!  Many race horses train here in the winter months. Horse champions from distinguished races such as the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and even the Triple Crown are "affirmed" from Marion County.

Map of Ocala and the surrounding areas.

The Gypsy Gold Farm continues to evolve.  
Dennis hopes to construct an Education and Cultural Center at the Farm.

Besides the horses, You can also get up close to the Mules and Macaws.
Here's the link to the Gypsy Gold Tour in Ocala, Florida. 

Mules at Gypsy Vanner Farm

                            The Mules Are Sweet Too!

Gypsy Gold

Although you can't ride the Gypsy Vanners at the farm, there is horseback riding in Ocala!
Below are two horsebacking riding tours that we recommend.
Both are gentle rides and very nice!

Makin' Tracks Trail Rides

On this ride, you can swim with the horses in a small natural spring within Ocala National Forest.
It was too cold for my wimpy butt, but Jon got right in. You are not swimming beside them, you actually remain on their back and move slowly through the water. 
It's just a few minutes, and the horses love it too!
It is a family owned business and they have also rescued many horses, who were starving or needed medical attention.
Many of the those horses are now enjoying the trails too! Here is the link for them: MakinTracks

Cactus Jacks

Horses are sweet and calm and it makes for a nice day in and around the forest areas.   Here is the link for them: Cactus Jacks. ​
For more horseback riding in the Ocala area, check out this link: HorseRides

Ireland Horseback Riding

                                   Ireland Horse Back Riding

If you would like to ride a Gypsy Vanner horse, give Ireland a try!  
Here we are just outside Doolin, Ireland. In Ireland, they are referred to as Irish Cobbs!
As mentioned above, they have sweet personalities, but they also can move out! We were in an advanced riding group and it was awesome!  The ride was along the great Burren Trail overlooking Galway Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.
Click Here For The Link To Our Ireland Trip And Find Out More! IRELAND

Just so you know, Ocala is not all about horses! Ocala National Forest is a kids and adult playground, biking, boating, ATV and much more!
Check out this guide to OFF ROAD fun in Ocala!  
Here:  Ocala, Florida Off Road 
There's more to Florida than Beaches and DisneyLand!

Sell The Cow, Buy The Sheep, But Never Be Without The Horse
Irish Proverb

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