Expat Life! Why We Landed In Ecuador

Expat Life Why We Landed In Ecuador

Have you ever thought about becoming an expat?
We have, quite a bit and just moved to Ecuador (2019).  
People are always curious why?
Read on…..
We might just share the same hopes and dreams.
Expat life is now. 

Start here,  jump around or take a slow journey down.

Deb and Jon Cuenca Sanctuary

 Amaru Wildlife Sanctuary, just above Cuenca Ecuador. 

Why expat life?  Our reasons.....

I blame the Girl Scouts. 
Camping, exploring and Hobo stew.
It was the stew.
For anyone that has experienced Hobo stew, 
you take a chance in eating it, it's always good ( we were always starved)
and it was always different.  
There lies the seed.
We started traveling abroad. Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Portugal-
(not the whole list)
Some areas we just wanted to experience, others, we considered moving to.
Why not?
For us, the location had to include plenty of outdoor activities,
preferably without snow.
We loved Colorado, but snow was not in our future.
We found Ecuador and expat life began.  

Here Are A Few More Reasons

  • Keep stimulated, learn something new--take the challenge!  
  • Experience a new culture-lifestyle, nature, Hobo stew! 
  • Meet new people. Good, Bad and Ugly-it's always an adventure.
  • New TRAVEL base. Explore the rest of Ecuador and nearby countries!
  • Lower cost of living=early retirement! We chose Ecuador, find out why below.
Jon Cooking Cuy

 Jon grilling Cuy--a VERY new experience!

Banos Ecuador

 Going our way? A trip to Banos Ecuador.


 Our hike in Otavalo, Ecuador

 Can we make it happen? Others have, so bring it on! 

It seemed daunting.
It was daunting and work!
Then I read where there was over 6,000 expats just in Cuenca Ecuador and I thought...
Hell, let's join the party!
More on how we got here on a future post.
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To sell or not to sell, that is the question!

The last days in our house

 The last few items before the move.

Last bit of furniture ( that the neighbor acquired ) before we left.
This is a big decision for many people moving abroad.
With the exception of my bike, computers, our pug and clothes,
we decided to sell everything including our cars and two homes.
Above is our rental home and the last few days planning our escape.
Don't get me wrong, we loved our "stuff" and toys.  
For us, it wasn't about the material items, it was about the adventure....the next step.
We don't regret our decision. 

Morty in Ecuador


Have pets? Check out our post on the step by step process. We brought our Pug "Morty"
**If you have larger dogs, many of the steps still apply, but you can reach out to folks in this Facebook group "Expat Pets In Ecuador"  

Why we decided on Cuenca, Ecuador

 Jon and Deb in Cuenca

 Deb and Jon expats in Cuenca Ecuador.

It's kind of like a favorite vacation spot.
The smile that appears when you arrive, lingers and then you don't want to leave. 
You feel alive, welcome and safe.

Here Are A Few More Reasons

  • ​​​​Cuenca, Ecuador is a vibrant and welcoming city.
  • Low cost of living and the American dollar.
  • The weather-perfect for us, not too cold or hot.
  • We can drink the water.
  • Fresh markets, bike trails & festivals!
  • The desire to explore more of Ecuador and the rest of South America!
  • We feel safe.
  • Respect for family and heritage is apparent.
  • Art and natural beauty in and around the city.
Stairs to Cuenca's El Centro

 Step across the bridge and head to El Centro Cuenca Ecuador

River in the Cuenca Ecuador

 Walking trails along the river in the city!

Tree Art Cuenca Ecuador

 Creativity is everywhere, more art along the river.

Pitahaya in Ecuador

Two of our new favorite produce items! Above is Pitahaya (or Dragon fruit). Luscious is how I describe it! On the right, Romanesco. Lovely in salads.  It's flavor is similar to Cauliflower.

Romanesco Veggie Ecuador
Cuenca Ecuador Market

 One of many large Markets in Cuenca Ecuador

Deb,Jon Biking Ecuador

 Bike riding (and recording) around the Cuenca Ecuador.

Deb & Jon Ecuador Festival

 Another festival in Cuenca Ecuador.

Elders in Ona Ecuador

 Honoring the elders in Ona Ecuador. 

Our first impression living in Ecuador

Imbabura Sculpture

Hey, if you want to check out our first impressions after traveling to Ecuador AND the first few months living in Ecuador, just click here :
 First Impressions
These tips may help if you heading here on vacation OR planning to move to Ecuador- good choice 🙂

Are we retired? Nope!

Not retired in Ecuador

When we first got married (in our twenties), we talked about working our "butts off", then retire early (in our fifties).
Stay healthy, what could go wrong with this plan?
I won't bore you with the details, but we are still working.
So, next plan was how to travel and work. 
As a real estate appraiser, this was not going to work, so here I am as a travel blogger
Jonathan was able to work online with some trips back to the USA.  

What's next for us and you?
More details on the cost of living, weather, activities, festivals and travel outside Cuenca. 
Oh, yeah and how the heck you get your Visa's! 
Just sign up below and stay tuned for the FUN!

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