Ecuador, We Got The Fever And Its Calling Us Back

Cuenca Ecuador


We had been thinking about moving abroad for the last 10 years.
Nothing really "tripped out triggers", then we landed in Cuenca, Ecuador. 

We made it! Moved to Cuenca Ecuador 2019!
We will be adding new blog posts about our life in Ecuador each month including Youtube videos.
Please sign up below--life is exciting here!
In the meantime, check out how to visit this lovely city
 what we love!

The map pinpoints Cuenca and you can see Quito (the capital) to the north, Guayaquil to the northwest and if you zoom out, you can locate the Galapagos Islands to the West.

Cuenca, Ecuador is the 3rd largest city in Ecuador; surrounded by mountains on all sides; 8,366 feet above sea level. It has been referred to as "The Athens Andes" and has been classified at a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The arrival...

We visited Ecuador three times before moving here. 
If you are flying here from the USA, you will either land in Quito or Guayaquil.
We flew into Quito twice. There are limited flight times into Cuenca, so you will probably stay overnight in Quito or the airport.
There is a lounge in the Quito airport- if you're the type who can sleep anywhere.  
We stayed overnight at the Quito Airport Suites, just 10 minutes away from the airport! The flight from Quito to Cuenca is approximately 35 minutes.
Our suggestion, unless you have a lot of luggage.

You can fly into Guayaquil and take a van to Cuenca.
If you decide on this route, the road takes you through the canyons of the Cajas National Park. It's beautiful, however be prepared for fog and tight hair pin turns.
See Highway 582 on the map below.  Zoom out to find Cuenca.

Here is our recommendation for a van service. Alianza Van Service
We have taken them from Cuenca to Guayaquil and back. The vans are comfortable, leave promptly and safe drivers!
Tip: Best to travel during daylight. It is the mountains and rock slides do occur, you never know what is around the next corner. 
The trip is approximately 3.5 hours and $12 one way. 
Here is the their Facebook link and below a picture of the vans: Van Service


Alianza Vans

The rivers-nature in the city

Cuenca is a city of four rivers. The main river in town is called Tomebamba (below) which divides the older and newer areas of (El Centro).
The other rivers are the Yanuncay, Tarqui, and Machangara.


Cuenca has wonderful walking/running/biking paths, picnic areas, exercise areas.
Below is our first ride along the Tomebamba River--Enjoy

Okay, here are a few other things we love...

Stairs to Cuenca's El Centro

Stairs to El Centro Cuenca, Ecuador

Ecuadorian Lady
Street Art Ecuador

Street Art Cuenca

The people of Ecuador!
Art....Free Expression....Flower and Vegetable Markets....El Centro (Shopping) ....Nature....Festivals and Great Weather!

Street Art Ecuador

Street Art Cuenca

Ecuador Guitar

Master Guitar Makers Near Cuenca, In San Bartolome

Designing The Ecuador Guitar

Creating The Design

Pumapungo Museum

Pumapungo Museum-- Free! Art, History & Shrunken Heads

Markets!! Veggies, Spices, Clothing, Blankets, Meat, Fish, Sweeeeets! 

Market Ecuador
Markets in Cuenca Ecuador
Fabric Market Cuenca Ecuador

Here's our first three blog posts
after making the move to 
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