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Pico Bonito National Park Honduras-Our Trip

Why Travel To Honduras?  Adventure! Okay, we were on a budget, but still wanted to explore a jungle area. We found Honduras very affordable and came upon an incredible Eco Lodge just above the city

Crap Travel Sickness

Crap! Travel Sickness What to do?

Getting sick while traveling is the worst, and it finally happened to me.I Always try to be careful, but I blew it in Cuba. Here's what happened .....and our NEW tips for avoiding Travel Sickness; Delhi

Havana Cuba

Back From Cuba- With Cuban

HAVANA, CUBAYep, back with Cuban. More on that later, or you can skip to end of the story, if you need to know now......Five days in Cuba was not enough.March 2017​We found ourselves with so many

Howler Monkey

Sleeping Naked In Costa Rica

We Did, And It Was Good, But There's More....We were interested in going to Costa Rica to get into "The Jungle".After a suggestion from a trusted travel agent, we decided on a all inclusive eco resort, Corcovado

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