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Banos Ecuador Sign

Be A Badass In Banos Ecuador

Banos Ecuador.It ranks among the sixth most visited places in Ecuador and here's why....Zip-lining  whitewater rafting  canyoning  bridge jumping  horseback riding  paragliding

Landing in Ecuador

Expat Life! Why We Landed In Ecuador

Have you ever thought about becoming an expat? We have, quite a bit and just moved to Ecuador (2019).  People are always curious why? Read on….. We might just share the same hopes and dreams. Expat

Cuenca Ecuador

Ecuador, We Got The Fever And Its Calling Us Back

CUENCA, ECUADORWe had been thinking about moving abroad for the last 10 years. Nothing really "tripped out triggers", then we landed in Cuenca, Ecuador.  We made it! Moved to Cuenca Ecuador 2019!

Ecuador Lunch

Ecuador: First Impressions Are Good (We Are Still Smiling)

Popcorn For Lunch ( Almuerzo) In EcuadorAt the time of this post, we have just moved to Cuenca, Ecuador.Since our first visit in 2012, the customs, and mannerisms have not changed-much.  We're still

Lumpini Park, Bangkok

Ride, Play and Eat Bangkok, Thailand

Lumpini Park, Bangkok ThailandNow, If you have traveled to Bangkok, you will know what I mean by  "infusion to your senses". Days and nights are filled with cultural acclimation, at least if this

Savannah Georgia Park

The Sweet Seduction – Savannah Georgia

Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia, USAI Think Forrest Gump Was Right On Target. "Savannah is like a box of chocolates"...oh wait, that's not right... But it is.Savannah, Georgia continues to be one

Savannah Squares

Savannah Squares~Get Ready To Slow Down

Savannah Squares Savannah, Georgia is truly a mood altering destination. The Savannah Squares are just part of it.......This is our fourth visit. On our first trip, we had no idea what to expect,

Pena Palace Portugal

Portugal Rocks! And Here’s The Story….

Pena Palace, Sintra PortugalOnce  Upon  A  time....In a Far Away Place, We visited A Majestic Palace. Pena Palace, In Sintra Portugal. Mystical..  Cold..  Foggy.. Magical..Now

Best Colorado Festivals

Colorado’s Freak-in Fabulous Festivals

Ready For Colorado's Best Festivals?This is our personal list, and its a good one! Here is a snippet for what's ahead.......... Get To Your Colorado Festival FAST, Links Here: Frozen Dead Guy Festival-

ATV Trek Ocala National Forest

Ocala, Florida, Get Off Road And Get Dirty!

ATV Trek Ocala National ForestWe Love to play in the woods, the Dirtier the better!!If you love Biking,  Boating,  4-wheel-in,  Swimming,  Wildlife,  Horses or  Camping. This

Ireland Wild Atlantic Way

Ireland, When To Go? Maybe When The Rain Warms Up

TANKARDSTOWN-WILD ATLANTIC WAY IRELANDMaybe I'm just a wimp. Probably. Ireland was lovely, but if you visit in September, it's windy and the rain is chilly.Ten days in Ireland, and we jammed a lot in!


Sleep In The Round! Yurt Camping Creede Colorado

Get ready to Yurt!  If you're looking for a new camping experience, this just might be it! If you're a Yurt newbie, here's your guide to Yurts and how to reserve one. Already love Yurts?

Pico Bonito National Forest

Pico Bonito National Park Honduras-Our Trip

PICO BONITO NATIONAL FOREST-HONDURASWhy Travel To Honduras?  Adventure! We found Honduras very affordable and came upon an incredible Eco Lodge just above the city of La Ceiba, by the Pico Bonito

Havana Cuba

Back From Cuba- With Cuban

HAVANA, CUBA Our Cuba story has been updated for 2020.  Good news, you can still go! Read our story and see the updates.   March 2017, we returned from Cuba. Five days was not enough. When

Howler Monkey

Sleeping Naked In Costa Rica

Sleeping Naked in Costa Rica was easy, where we stayed. Read on my Jungle loving friends. If you interested in visiting the Jungle, head to Costa Rica! After a suggestion from a trusted travel agent,