Banos Ecuador Sign

Be A Badass In Banos Ecuador

Banos Ecuador.It ranks among the sixth most visited places in Ecuador and here's why....Zip-lining  whitewater rafting  canyoning  bridge jumping  horseback riding  paragliding

Landing in Ecuador

Expat Life! Why We Landed In Ecuador

Have you ever thought about becoming an expat? We have, quite a bit and just moved to Ecuador (2019).  People are always curious why? Read on….. We might just share the same hopes and dreams. Expat

AirBnb Key

Airbnb- Love it, Book it, But Read This First

 Your Keys To The Best Airbnb Ever!We love to stay at Airbnbs. So before you book, read these insider tips first!  The KEY is in the reservation.Oh yeah, and we'll tell you about Airbnb

Cuenca Ecuador

Ecuador, We Got The Fever And Its Calling Us Back

CUENCA, ECUADORWe had been thinking about moving abroad for the last 10 years. Nothing really "tripped out triggers", then we landed in Cuenca, Ecuador.  We made it! Moved to Cuenca Ecuador 2019!

A Dear

Mom And Dad Hit A Cow~Tips To Avoid Road Kill

Whether you're hitting the road for a much deserved vacation or visiting family, Wildlife Collisions (or a cow meetup) is a possibility. We have a list of ways to avoid the critters- below, and what to

Ecuador Lunch

Ecuador: First Impressions Are Good (We Are Still Smiling)

Popcorn For Lunch ( Almuerzo) In EcuadorAt the time of this post, we have just moved to Cuenca, Ecuador.Since our first visit in 2012, the customs, and mannerisms have not changed-much.  We're still

Morty in Ecuador

So You Want To Move Your Dog To Ecuador?

 Morty In Ecuador ! If you want to move your dog to Ecuador-- Good News! You can, we did, but we almost didn't make it. We had been researching and preparing for months. We knew the rules.

Lumpini Park, Bangkok

Ride, Play and Eat Bangkok, Thailand

Lumpini Park, Bangkok ThailandNow, If you have traveled to Bangkok, you will know what I mean by  "infusion to your senses". Days and nights are filled with cultural acclimation, at least if this

Boon Lotts Elephant Sanctuary

Boon Lotts Elephant Sanctuary (BLES)- Love And Dedication

BLES Rescued Elephants "The Gossip Girls"We waited 15 months to visit the "Gossip Girls" and stay at Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary (BLES).  Sooo happy we did! This is our story of BLES elephant

Couples Road Trip

10 Ways To Survive A Road Trip With Your Partner

Okay, you’re ready, excited, it's going to be a great Road Trip!Whether it's your first trip together or you're dreading another one, here are 10 easy ways to get along with your travel buddy and better

canoeing with dogs

The Complete Guide to Canoeing and Kayaking with Dogs

I am sharing this great post about Canoeing and Kayaking with dogs, hope you love it too! Article by: Tara Schatz, please see her Bio and Information about her blog at the end of the post. Every

Savannah Georgia Park

The Sweet Seduction – Savannah Georgia

Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia, USAI Think Forrest Gump Was Right On Target. "Savannah is like a box of chocolates"...oh wait, that's not right... But it is.Savannah, Georgia continues to be one

Savannah Squares

Savannah Squares~Get Ready To Slow Down

Savannah Squares Savannah, Georgia is truly a mood altering destination. The Savannah Squares are just part of it.......This is our fourth visit. On our first trip, we had no idea what to expect,

Fear of Flying

Is It Fear Of Flying Or Fear Of Dying?

So after years of flying, why am I still nervous? If you have a fear of flying, you're not alone, but do we have fear of flying or dying?For me, it's "How" I die that scares me. How much pain, suffering,


10 Wins For Animals That Prove You Are Making A Difference

When I read this post, I had to share! Animal Wins Across the world!  Article by: Michelle Neff, please see Michelle's Bio at the end of the article. When we sign on social media and are inundated

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