Be A Badass In Banos Ecuador

Banos Ecuador Sign

Banos Ecuador.
It ranks among the sixth most visited places in Ecuador and here's why....

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Don't miss the Pailon del Diablo Waterfall
(which you'll see in our video below the map)

Where is Banos, Ecuador and how can you get there?

Okay, let's start with the map of Ecuador.
Go ahead and zoom in and out.
(click twice on the zoom in and Banos with appear)
The closest airport is Quito just north of Banos.

view banos ecuador

Banos, Ecuador

If you fly into Quito, you can get there by bus, taxi or private driver.
A bus will take you about four hours and is the cheapest way to go.

However, if you fly into Quito, you will have to take a taxi to the bus station
(Quitumbre Bus Terminal) and that will run you about $25.
If you have a lot of luggage or you want a more direct route,
we recommend a private driver (approximately $100-safer too!).

Our driver met us at the airport.
A private driver will also cut about 30 minutes off the trip.

Our lodge manager suggested a driver and he was prompt, friendly and safe!
Here is his information:
Adolfo +593 98 970 5097

Banos, Ecuador Video

Tree swing at the end of the world

Banos Ecuador Tree Swing

 Tree swing Banos Ecuador.

Another HUGE attraction!
Not only is it great fun,
but on a clear day you can enjoy the views of Mt.Tungurahua.
An active volcano! 
Here's more information on the swing and location.
 End Of The World Swing

Want to get wet?

Banos, Ecuador has over 60 waterfalls and hot springs.
Get cooled off or heated up!
Don't miss this one!

Diablo falls Banos Ecuador

 Diablo Falls Banos Ecuador.

Here's where we stayed we loved it!

La Casa Verde Eco Guest Lodge.
Great outdoor spaces-right on the river!
Just outside of town, you can walk to town or take a taxi for $2.

Breakfasts are huge.

If you need help arranging a tour the hosts are happy to help you out.

Here's the link for the lodge.
La Casa Eco Lodge

Outside Eco Lodge Banos Ecaudor

 Outside La Casa Verde Eco Lodge Banos Ecuador.

La Casa Verde Banos Ecuador

 Inside La Casa Verde Eco Lodge Banos Ecuador.

La Casa Verde Banos Ecuador

 Breakfast room La Casa Verde Eco Lodge Banos Ecuador.

Take a tour to PUYO Ecuador, just outside the Amazon!

Our host at the La Casa Eco Lodge suggested a private tour that included an animal sanctuary, lunch, swim under a waterfall
(which we skipped), cocoa farm, dugout canoe ride
and a visit to the Wauyuri indigenous tribe for some face painting, dance,
blow dart training.

Also expect a bit of wildlife.
See my monkey encounter below.
Great fun!

You can customize the tour with this guide.
If you stay at La Casa Eco Lodge, the host will set it up,
otherwise here is the contact information.
He speaks English and was a delightful tour guide:
Oswaldo: +593  99 179  5524

Cacao Farm Banos Ecuador

 Cacao Farm! See how to make chocolate from the pod to the table.  

chocolate Banos Ecuador

 Chocolate pod.

Wayuri Tribe Banos Ecuador

 Visit the Wayuri indigenous tribe.

Wayuri Tribe Banos Ecuador

 Face decoration time with natural pod paint! 

Monkey and Me Banos Ecuador

 My new monkey bud! I kind of like the furry necklace look!

Kids will love Banos too!

Besides all the high flying and water activities, check out this picturesque and
educational park just outside town.
Flowers, animals, ponds, educational stations.

Here's a link for more information.

Parque De La Familia

Family Park Banos Ecuador.

Zone Map Family Park

 This map is on display showing the 5 Zones of the park from animals to Agro-ecological to   camping.

Back in town, you'll find a large recreational park for kids.
The park is called Juan Montalvo Park. You can see it below.

Use Google maps while you searching for all the
"Hot Spots"

Playground in Banos Ecuador

 Colorful playground at the end of town, Banos Ecuador.

Handicap playground Banos Ecuador

 More than one playground structure is modified for   wheelchairs.

In Town-- Restaurants, Bars, Souvenirs, Coffee and Sweets.

chocolate drink banos ecuador

Special treats await at the Honey Coffee and Tea Cafeteria, Banos Ecuador.

We always follow Tripadvisor reviews.
Here is a list the best restaurants in Banos. We tried as many as possible
loved them all!

stray dog pub banos Ecuador

Stray dog Pub---A stray dog posing in front of his favorite bar.

Bar Banos Ecuador

Nativa Gastrobar located on Eloy Alfaro Street.

There is a lively nightlife, just head to town and
check out Ambato or Eloy Alfaro streets for fun, dancing, drinking
or just people watching.
Many bars have upper decks facing the street below.


  1. We suggest you look at Tripadvisor for reviews on the tours you are interested in. If you would want to do some rafting, ask which season is the best. We were there in November. The weather was wonderful, but the river was low.

 2.  Most tour companies ( if not all) only take cash. There are plenty of ATMs in town.

 3.  We used the bikes from Wonderful Ecuador. The bikes were brand new ($8). Pick-up and drop-off is available-wherever you stay.

 4.  For horseback riding we chose Jose and two dogs.
Here is his FaceBook Page: Jose & 2 dogs. Jose was honest, fun and his horses were healthy. I did communicate with him before we came, via FB messaging.

Landing in Ecuador


Have you ever thought about becoming an expat? 

How about a vacation in Ecuador?
Either way, here is why we landed in Ecuador and why it is a great place to visit!
For the love of Ecuador

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