10 Ways To Survive A Road Trip With Your Partner

Couples Road Trip

Okay, you’re ready, excited, it's going to be a great Road Trip!
Whether it's your first trip together or you're dreading another one, here are 10 easy ways to get along with your travel buddy and better yet, ready to go again! 

Let's break this down, start the planning...it'll be fun! Grab a cocktail or take a deep breath and begin.....
Here's To Surviving That Road Trip And Making It The Best Ever- Really!

"P" is for planning (If you're just visiting family, you can skip this part)
     Grab some paper, get ready to write. 

     1. Don't start with the budget $$. Talking about money sucks and there WILL be disagreements, so start with fun activities first, it will put you both in a better mood!

      2. Each person should write down 3-5 activities that they would love to do on the trip.
Don't stress if most are different- it will work out.
Decide on one or two that are "Must Do" activities. Checkmark.
Now let the discussion begin.
Talk about the activities and why they are a "must do" for each of you.
Talking about "why" it's great will sometimes lead the other into the activity OR it might be that you just let each other do their "must do's" and be happy.  
Don't talk money yet, that's next.
If the discussion becomes tense, take a break and think about each others wish list. 

Better Yet Just Smile, KISS and get through it!


      3. Budget Time- Uggh, So, what can you afford and where can you save?
Write down some numbers $$. 
This is all so personal, but be realistic, give and take a bit, like everything else.
Accommodations are usually a big money suck, so probably good to discuss that here.                                                                  

Touchy Stuff On The Road - Best to talk about a few things that "Bug You" before you go.
After years of road trips, we've got this down, but for other couples, here's the top three:

     4.  FoodLet's talk road trip meals (off road) and (on road). 
Off Road- Maybe you have restaurant chains all along the way, and hate them- or one of you hates them.
If you haven't traveled together much, it might become "sticky" fast, so have that discussion.
Sometimes we plan a picnic for the first stop (non-winter months of course) and just let the road signs guide us to a small town with a park or a pull off with a view.  
We Love Truck Stops or small town restaurants, there's just something about the smell of coffee; grease; hot buttered toast and homemade pies!

On Road- What will you pack in the car? Unless you know each other REALLY well, please ask for suggestions!
Food can make or break a road trip! Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic, but really it's the fuel that keeps ya going and it needs to be good! We eat pretty healthy, but on road trips we splurge a bit. 
TIP:  If you're packing the food, add something the other really loves, don't tell them, just make it a surprise. This may result in a .....


     5. Music- Or Audio Preference 
Do you share the same music taste? Hopefully a little, or grab some earbuds.
For us, whoever is driving, gets to pick the music or audio book or comedy station on Sirius XM .
What about that singing?
I admit it, I'm the one that gets a little crazy with music. Chanting, throwing fists in the air, but it doesn't last too long.
If your partner sings and it bugs - talk about it now. Compromise, Then.....


   6. DrivingWho's gonna drive? Hopefully both of you.
Will you drive at night? Do you or your partner speed OR drive like Grandma? 

high speed driving

Tailgate? Crazy passing? The list could on, but it might be a l- o- n- g  n- a- s- t- y road trip if one of you is bothered by the other's driving!  Talk about it before you hit the road! 
Whatever it is, just ask if he or she could.......slow down, not tailgate, etc., just for the trip because it bothers you or maybe it even scares you.


     7. Mental Prep Time-  Relax and don't be the boss or the person who pouts if somthing doesn't go your way- Give and Take. The trip is for BOTH of you.
Yeah, Maybe one of you has to give a little more, that's okay. In fact, don't forget to pump each other up! It's okay to say "Great Job"!  "Good Idea Honey"!  Then, yeah you got it.....


jon and me

Jon and me

     8. On The Road- Hopefully it's perfect! You talk...listen...laugh...explore.
One way to keep that positive energy going is not to get too tired.
If you didn't already decide on a stopping point, maybe you should. Most of time, we don't plan a stopping point, we like to camp up jeep roads or just stop at some random town, however you decide, really stop before you're pooped and get cranky.  
So, what if you fight?
There will be disagreements- for sure and they might get pretty "Hot", pull off the road in a pleasant area- not a gas station, walk around, look at the surroundings, breathe deep, you're on vacation-  TALK.
Just Don't BE MEAN, don't take your disagreement beyond what started it, and don't bring up old Sh*T! 

Don't Be Mean

     9. Be Spontaneous-  Come on, this is fun! Leave some time open. Try something new, maybe you drive by a small town carnival or you see a sign for a festival. We found a Steampunk Festival on the way home recently, whoa-- loved it in sooo many ways! 

     10. Be on the same team.  What I mean is, it takes teamwork to make a trip happen, be fair, help each other and remember your on the same side, it's your trip and you worked hard to make it happen! 


It doesn't matter where you are going, it's who you have beside you. 

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