Feels So Good! Pack Light For Your Next Trip


Plan, Organize ~Then Cram!  Tips For Packing Light!

Come on, we all do it, even with all the great packing techniques, most of us waffle on what to bring.

Time to get the junk outta the trunk and organize!

Now, I will pack slightly more if I am staying in one spot and that destination is easy to get to.

So…. if you are going from plane > to plane > to boat > to secluded island and beyond I would keep it light.

If you are going from plane > to taxi > to hotel and that is your final destination, I would tend to splurge and throw in an extra travel skirt or blouse.

So here are my tips for Packing it light- your back will thank you!

  1. When choosing your clothing, take a look at the fabric and consider weight. I never pack jeans anymore - too heavy! After our Honduras trip (read the story HERE), I said never again! There are so many light weight travel pants (or skirts) that are water resistant, easy to dry and lightweight. We love Columbia Travel Clothes. We have bought their lines for years! Light and durable! Here is the line to the online store: HERE
  2. Don’t fret the wrinkles, I mean, really who cares? Will you be judged for a wrinkle - I doubt it. Hotels, even hostels have irons and ironing boards if you need them.
  3. Do your clothes stink? If I am heading out for 14+ days, I still pack for 7 days. I mix and match clothes and if its a casual day, I will wear the outer garments again. I also mix and match clothes. Bring some fun colors or neutrals that can be worn with any pant or shirt.
    Okay, if they stink, wash them, which is another reason I consider the fabric. I plan two days ahead so they have enough drying time. I pack a small amount of concentrated detergent, I use Woolite packets, you can get them here (LINK).
  4. The toiletry debate: Some travelers like to forego bringing shampoo, soap, etc. all together to keep the packs light and purchase these items upon arrival. I think that is a grand idea unless you are arriving in the middle of the night or your destination is in the jungle.
    I personally take a half bar of soap, small body sponge (you can get at the dollar store) small double plastic wrapped bottles of shampoo etc. I don’t like to take the time to shop in a drug store unless I have to, but if you decide otherwise, check out a dollar store/euro store or the equivalent for the area, just ask a local!
  5. Use your shoes for storage. Perfect place for rolled up socks or small breakables. I take 2 pairs of shoes max in my pack and of course I am generally wearing the heaviest shoe on the plane. Even if you need a water shoe, you can usually wear these shoes as a walk about shoe (I LOVE Keens) . Good sneakers can be worn for hiking, walking, horseback riding etc.
  6. Carry on your heaviest items (like a must have coat), store or use as a pillow.
  7. Light weight snacks- ALWAYS! I swear, I am ALWAYS hungry, really doesn’t matter if I am traveling or not, but we have been in few situations where we just didn’t have time to eat. We carry two packets of easy open”To go” tuna packets and compact or fold-up plastic utensil set– great for leftovers too!

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Tips for Packing Light

We would love to know your tricks and tips for packing light! ​Please comment below! 


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