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Sintra, Portugal

Portugal Rocks! And Here’s The Story….

Pena Palace, Sintra PortugalOnce  Upon  A  time....In a Far Away Place, We visited A Majestic Palace. Pena Palace, In Sintra Portugal. Mystical..  Cold..  Foggy..  Magical..Affordable..Now


Colorado’s Freak-in Fabulous Festivals

Ready For Colorado's Best Festivals?This is our personal list, and its a good one! Here is a snippet for what's ahead.......... ​Get To Your Fest FAST, Links Here: Frozen Dead Guy FestivalBreckenridge

ATV Trek Ocala National Forest

Ocala, Florida, Biking- Atv -Horses- Get Off Road And Get Dirty!

ATV Trek Ocala National ForestWe Love to play in the woods, the Dirtier the better!!​Okay, it ain't Colorado, but this area has a lot to offer-- Ocala, Florida--Ba-bee! ​​If you like to


Ireland, When To Go? Maybe When The Rain Warms Up

Maybe I'm just a wimp..... Probably. Just returned from Ireland and if you visit in September, it's windy and the rain is chilly. So...............​Don't forget the raincoat, oh yeah and a-


Sleep In The Round! Yurt Camping Creede Colorado

It was time to get off the ground and try something new! Yurt Camping! ​​In a new destination--Creede, Colorado! Yee Haw!​If you're new to this cozy accommodation, we have a brief description,


Ecuador, We Got The Fever And Its Calling Us Back

Cuenca, Ecuador is surrounded by mountains on all sides, 8,366 feet above sea level. Yes!!!!We have been thinking about moving abroad. Nothing really "tripped out triggers", ......then....... we landed


Honduras, Should You Drive? Do You Dare?

Up to you, but this is the ONLY scary part we found in Honduras.​Lots of travel warnings for Honduras these days, and there were some in 2012 when we went. If I recall correctly, it was regarding drug

Crap Travel Sickness

Crap! Travel Sickness What to do?

When you're SICK, Colored Tissue On The Wall Doesn't Matter Anymore...........................................Tips to Avoid Travel Sickness! This is the first time I had got sick while traveling abroad~

Cuba Neighborhood

Back From Cuba~ With Cuban

Yep, back with Cuban. More on that later, or you can skip to end of the story, if you need to know now......Five days in Cuba was not enough.March 2017​We found ourselves with so many questions

Howler Monkey

Sleeping Naked In Costa Rica

We Did And It Was Good.........................We were interested in going to Costa Rica, in particular, THE JUNGLE.After a suggestion from a trusted travel agent, we decided on Corcovado Jungle Lodge

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