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What to Pack? Getting The “Moist” Out Of Your Jungle Trip

Packing For the Jungle is a bit different than other trips.You're gonna get wet and its going to be great, It's just a Jungle thing.........but these tips will help-a lot! We have traveled to the tropical

Venture A Highway

Venture A Highway And Survive! Road Trip Travel Tips

Road trips can be SO exciting! We love them! So, once a year, we stock up our first aid kit and go through this check list below. For us, kids, pets and now for you! 1. Get A Cell Phone Charger! I


Feels So Good! Pack Light For Your Next Trip

Plan, Organize ~Then Cram!  Tips For Packing Light!Come on, we all do it, even with all the great packing techniques, most of us waffle on what to bring.Time to get the junk outta the trunk and

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