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Boquete, Panama Rain For The Coffee, Rainbow For The Soul.

Brilliant! Helping Animals, Helping Boquete, Panama

This loving group is the Amigos De Animales, Boquete Panama. I refer to them as the "Animal Angels".Organized in 2005 to help the suffering of dogs and cats - often homeless; alleviate starving; reduce

A Man and his Dog

Traveling With Dogs, Guilty. Now We’re Doing It Right….

Yup, I admit it, we were guilty. We were the couple who were always traveling with our dogs, we were lucky, nothing happened to one of the "kids".We always had BIG dogs, ALL rescued, and always 3. "A PACK",


Is it Pet Paradise Or Pet Hotel From Hell…………

If you've traveled with dogs, you-know-what-I-am-talking-about!​I wish we would had these tips before going to a Pet "Hell-tel"!I Kid......we all lived through it. ​In my opinion, BringFido site is

A Dear

Mom And Dad Hit A Cow~Tips To Avoid Road Kill

What a surprise! They were just heading to my sister's house, not really in the boonies, but a bit rural. It was after dark- then BOOM! BAM! They hit a COW. They were okay, just shaken a bit, then

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